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Dog Poop Management Service Rates

Scooby’s Dog Waste Removal Service has been taking care of pet waste removal needs for hundreds of clients for nearly three decades. We love to do the dirty work for our customers, and our prices are affordable. Scooby’s can do everything from simple dog poop removal to de-pooping your lawn. Let us make your problems go away and free you to have quality time with your pets and family. You can hire us for a weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly service, depending on the volume of your waste. Check out our pricing below for pet waste management services as well as our service schedule.

dog undergoing a training

Our Pricing

Bucket Service

$7.91 Per Week*

We drop off a bucket lined with a bag at your house. Once a week, we remove the bag containing dog waste and line the bucket with a new bag. 

Extra buckets are priced at $4.00 each.

$72.00 billed bi-monthly*.

$12.31 Bi-Weekly*

Bi-weekly service is available to clients with a lower volume of waste (less than 7 litres/1.5 gallons every two weeks).

$56.00 billed bi-monthly*.

Scoop Service

$12.86 Per Week*

We scoop your yard and take the dog waste away. This service is provided on a weekly basis. We can leave a bucket lined with a bag if you wish to scoop between our visits. You are under no obligation to scoop.

$117.00 billed bi-monthly*.

*We use an equal-billing system based on a one-year period. It is calculated on the total cost divided into six payments billed every two months.

*These are our base rates. Multiple dogs, larger yards, the time required to scoop and drive time may result in an increase to this rate.

Bucket Service


$72.00 (billed bi-monthly)


$56.00 (billed bi-monthly)

Scoop Service

$117.00 (billed every two months)

*Stratas and community properties by quotation.

** One-time clean-ups are priced at a minimum of $30.00. This covers the first 10 minutes. After the first 10 minutes, per-minute billing is $1.00 per minute ($60.00 per hour).

Our Service Schedule


Abbotsford (East of Mt. Lehman Rd.)


Maple Ridge (East of 240th Street)


North Vancouver

Surrey (North of 56 Ave. & East of 120th St. to 168th St.)

West Vancouver





Delta (Ladner/Tsawwassen)

Port Coquitlam

Port Moody



Maple Ridge (West of 240th Street)

Pitt Meadows


North Delta


Abbotsford (West of Mt. Lehman Rd.)



Fort Langley


Surrey (Cloverdale)

For Service in Chilliwack, Contact:

Turd Wranglers Pet Waste Removal Service


South Surrey

White Rock

New Westminster (including Queensborough)

Eco-Friendly Pet Waste Disposal

Be a pet lover and an earth lover! Choose Scooby’s to dispose of dog poop the green way!

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